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Julie works with people who are interested in expanding their self awareness, and are searching for more in their lives - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Using an integrative approach, Julie assists people to explore issues and release physical, emotional and spiritual blockages that can prevent you from moving forward and reaching your potential.

The combination of NLP, Havening Techniques, Healing Touch and Intuitive work creates a powerful and unique set of skills and techniques which are carefully customised for every individual person.  This is important because no two people are the same and no one approach to health and well being “fits all”.


Life is a journey and it is a privilege to work alongside people who are keen to discover their true potential, reach their goals and live a life of passion and success.


You should come prepared to briefly explore what is going on for you and to focus on what it is that you want in terms of moving forwards. It is okay if you don’t know what you want yet - give it some thought though as it is something we will look at more closely during our work together.

A regular session is 1 hour, but you should allow up to 1½ hours for your first session so we can develop a clear picture of where you are currently at in your life and where it is you want to be.


Depression  v  Low Energy  v   Low Mood  v  Anxiety
v   Trauma  v  Confusion over Life Direction
General Unwellness  
v  Fertility Challenges

Live Life with Passion  t  Enhance Self Awareness

Move Forward with Confidence  t  Learn Motivational Tools

  Heal from Trauma  t  Achieve to your Potential



Working Together To Unleash Your Potential!