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Peer Mentoring is a guiding hand philosophy where senior students are matched with younger students in the school to give them a guiding hand.  Whether it is for relationship issues, academic struggles, behaviour problems - the Mentor is there to be a guide and a friend and to assist the Mentee to work their way through their issues.

Peer Mentoring is a solution focused philosophy, with the emphasis being not on what is “wrong”, but rather, what do I need to do to make it right?  How do I want things to be in my life and how can I start to make the changes to make that happen?

Mentors are not expected to have the answers!  Mentors are there to listen, to question, to empathise and to help the Mentee seek the help and advice they need to make the changes they want to make.


“I have never found a course this exciting in all my school years.  I feel I have actually learned the whole meaning of mentorship.”

Mt Roskill Grammar

“The Keys to Motivation are really valuable as that’s what I need to encourage me with my studies and guide me to keep my standards high.”

Dannevirke HS

“You learn so many skills that are useful not only for mentoring but for life in general. It was extremely well done and youth friendly.  Thank you!”

Cashmere HS

“This was an amazing experience! I gained many people skills and got to know my peers who I see every day but never truly knew.  I’m so proud to be a mentor.”  

Mt Roskill Grammar

“I learnt a lot more about myself and what I’m keen to accomplish both at school and later.  Great teacher - knows her stuff and really entertaining!”

Tararua College


MindFlow™ is a leading provider of motivational courses for High School Students.  Each course takes students on an inspirational journey of self discovery and is packed with skills and experiences that enable students to truly release their potential.

Peer Mentoring works because students will often confide in their Peers and relate to each other in ways that they will not do with adults. It is an effective way to develop and enhance co-operation and support amongst your student body.  


For a student struggling with life’s challenges, a supportive Peer Mentor around their own age can make a world of difference.

Becoming a Mentor is an opportunity for Senior Students to actively participate in an expanded leadership role in your school.  Often Mentors are students who want to give but do not necessarily have the opportunity to do so through the traditional leadership roles.


This is an action packed programme designed to provide students with the concrete, practical skills and knowledge they need to be effective Peer Mentors in your school. The entire programme is designed to be a life changing experience for the students attending – teaching them skills that they will not only use in their role as a Mentors, but in their own lives, changing and enhancing their own relationships.

This is a 1 or 2 day in-school programme with students selected by you, along with any staff who wish to participate in your School’s Peer Mentoring programme.

The exact programme will depend on your aims and objectives and your existing pastoral care systems and will be designed specifically to meet your needs.


There are many ways you can run Peer Mentoring in your school - from enhancing your Peer Support programme, to establishing an organised system through your guidance team, your Deans and/or your Form Classes. If Peer Mentoring is new to your school we are happy to discuss your aims and offer assistance and advice in setting up your programme.  

And remember - if you wanted to join with other schools in your area - we are happy to run a joint course to decrease costs and increase fun!!


One of the biggest challenges facing our students today is motivation … or lack thereof!  This programme addresses some of the keys to motivation and individual motivation strategies and how to apply these to virtually anything in life.  While the focus is clearly on school success - the programme itself is highly relatable to a vast range of areas including sports, drama, speech making, and the arts.

During this 2-3 hour programme students will learn about their own motivation preferences and how to activate these even in their most “disliked” subjects.  They will also learn a powerful anchoring process to enable them to get into the “zone” to study effectively and perform at their best in tests and exams.  This is essential to success because many students under perform in tests, forgetting what they know and not answering questions clearly and concisely.  From this experience they conclude that there is no point in studying because it doesn’t make any difference anyway. When you resolve issues with activating memory in tests and exams, you boost motivation to study.

Many GATE students are ready for coaching and guidance on a level well ahead of their years.  We offer a selection of 2 hour programmes for you to choose from depending on what you and your students are looking for. Each course will be custom designed for your students and can cover topics such as:


The best study techniques are taught in the classroom and are related directly to each individual subject a student is studying.  One technique does not suit all students and neither does it suit all subjects.

AND we all need a place to start - a skeleton on which to build solid techniques and strategies.  And this is what students will learn on a 2 hour MindFLow study techniques course - solid, useful techniques that students enjoy and therefore use!

We start with some of the Keys to Memory and expand into ways of applying these to your day to day work.  We then apply what we have learnt to a topic to be studied so that students can really experience the benefits of working this way.