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”The course was excellent and Julie did a wonderful job in presenting – she made it really entertaining.  I just wished it could have lasted an extra day.”

         Mt Roskill Grammar

“It was really great – Julie is an engaging speaker.  Great problem solving skills for one on one encounters.  Thank you.”               Tararua College

“Wow!  Much respect for Julie.  Very beneficial, creative, interesting, enlightening.  Thank you!”     Cashmere High School

“I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have been on this course .  It was an amazing experience. Thank you!”

         Mt Roskill Grammar

“I am motivated to study now because I have learnt new techniques of how to study.  I absolutely recommend this course it is awesome and Julie is a lovely trainer!”

   Chch Girls High School

This is a different way to learn with wonderful results for understanding others and communicating with them.  It was really great because it was original and fun.  Thank you so much julie.

  Rudolph Steiner School

“What Julie has done for me in the first couple times we met is something I have been struggling to work through for over a decade – I was simply amazed by the experience.

With Julie I have always felt totally safe, reassured and always emerge after our meetings with a clearer prospective, feeling more confident and refreshed!

I couldn't have progressed this far without Julie's help and I will always be grateful - I can't recommend Julie enough.”


“Julie McCracken’s Mentorship training was outstanding!  It was informative, inspirational, fun and all 31 Mentors enjoyed it immensely, gaining invaluable life skills.

Many of them have now connected with younger students in a Mentorship role and are doing a wonderful job!”

Teacher, Mt Roskill Grammar School

“Julie helped me focus and she gave me the confidence to believe that I was doing the right thing.  I had struggled for many years with infertility and coming to terms with my diagnosis was tough.  I needed reassurance and clarity to help me reach the right decision to become a mother and without Julie I couldn't have done it.  

When I wobbled Julie was there helping me through the difficult times bringing me back into alignment and setting me off on my path again.  I was able to throw away the unhelpful thoughts and past failures and focus forward.  

She helped me in so many subtle ways it's difficult to describe, but to cut a long story short my world began to change for the better and by keeping on with the goal in mind I am now a mother.  I feel like the me I was always supposed to be but who had become lost on the journey through infertility.  I will be forever grateful to Julie for her great skills and compassion. She was exactly what I needed.